CO2.EU: Your Partner in CO2 Reduction

The experts behind CO2.EU are passionate about CO2 reduction. We help businesses become more sustainable and reduce their CO2 emissions, with a strong focus on raising awareness.

Want to inform your employees, clients, or other stakeholders about the climate crisis and the opportunities for sustainability?

Then a presentation from CO2.EU at your location is the perfect solution!

Our speakers are experts in their field and know how to present in an engaging and interactive way. We are happy to tailor our presentations to your specific needs and requirements. This allows us to address the specific CO2 challenges of your sector or company.

During the presentation:

  • Your employees, clients, or other stakeholders will gain a clear understanding of the climate crisis.
  • They will learn more about the opportunities for sustainability.
  • They will receive practical tips and advice that they can apply directly in their own work.

In addition to giving presentations, we also offer other services, such as:

  • CO2 scan: We analyze your CO2 emissions and advise you on how to reduce them.
  • CO2 plan: We develop a customized plan for making your business operations more sustainable.

You can book us for an on-site presentation starting at €1250 excluding (and travelling cost) VAT for an informative and valuable presentation. This presentation will help your company get on the right track.

Contact us for a free quote. We are happy to discuss your needs and requirements and create a customized quote.

Make your event a success with a presentation from CO2.EU!

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We are happy to help you make your business more sustainable!


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Together we can make a difference!