Business Club

The Businessclub is a leading initiative focused on promoting sustainability and green entrepreneurship in Europe. With a strong emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions and fostering environmentally friendly practices, this business club serves as a significant platform for companies committed to a greener future.

Membership in the Businessclub offers companies the opportunity to be part of an active network of like-minded businesses and professionals striving for sustainability. The membership fees vary based on the country where the company is located, with the aim of promoting inclusive and balanced participation.

For companies in large countries, the membership fee is €3,500 per year. These countries typically have a larger economy and can afford a higher rate. Medium-sized countries pay €2,500 per year, while small countries have a reduced rate of €1,500 per year. This enables companies from different countries to affordably become members and actively participate in sustainable initiatives.

In addition, there is a special membership for the entire European region. For €10,000 per year, companies can become members of all countries within Europe. This comprehensive membership offers a broader reach and opportunities for collaboration with companies from various European countries, leading to valuable synergies and business opportunities.

As members of the Businessclub, companies also have the opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability. Members receive a banner on the Businessclub page, granting them visibility among a wide audience of professionals and potential partners. This provides an opportunity to share their green initiatives and position themselves as pioneers in sustainable entrepreneurship.

The Businessclub is an inspiring platform that offers companies the chance to be part of a growing community of green entrepreneurs in Europe. Through networking, collaboration, and the sharing of best practices, the business club aims to promote sustainable business practices and make a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

As an additional benefit, members of the business club can purchase CO2 emission certificates at a discounted rate. With this advantage, a membership quickly becomes a financially rewarding investment. We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions and increasing green initiatives. Our one time entrance fee is € 500,-. Will you join us?

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